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Abby’s House provides 78 units of affordable, service-enriched housing at three separate locations in the historic Crown Hill neighborhood of downtown Worcester. Seventy-one units are single-room occupancy units for low-income women, and seven units are two-bedroom apartments for low-income women with children.

Our tenants struggle to make ends meet on poverty level wages and income. Many also live with the after-effects of long-term abuse and suffer from mental and physical health problems. Each resident works with an advocate who provides one-to-one advocacy and referrals to community resources. Advocates help residents obtain public benefits, and collaborate with the residents’ other service providers, such as case managers and mental health providers, to ensure they receive the support needed to achieve the greatest possible independence. There is no formal time-limit for our housing, but each resident has a service plan that includes finding subsidized or private housing in the community. The average length of stay for most residents is two years.

Applying for Housing

Please print and fill out the following application form for the housing that best fits your needs.

Application for a Single Room (SRO)

Application for a 2-Bedroom Apartment

To begin the application process, mail or bring your completed application to Abby's House, attn: Tess Sneesby, 52 High Street, Worcester, MA 01609, along with the following applicable documents: 

  1. CORI Acknowledgement Form

  2. First page of most recent Income Tax Return

  3. Employment Verification Letter

  4. Statement of SSI/SSDI Benefits

  5. Documentation of Assets

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview. 

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