Brightspot Spring 2012

Volume 30, Issue 1; 2012

“Hey lady!” These are the two words I hear at least once a day when Tawny stops in the hallway to pop her head into my office. “Hey Tawny how are you?” “Good, good!” she smiles.
Tawny has been a resident here at Abby’s for almost a year now. Tawny is a positive and bubbly person, with a “go-getter” attitude, and is dedicated to her work and commitments. Not only is she fun to be around, she is supportive of the other women and shares her story to help others. There’s no doubt, Tawny is a survivor.

Abby’s House Shelter Receives a Paint-over!

Last summer, Abby’s House was selected as the MA winner of the Color Care Across America contest! The goal of the contest – organized by the US Conference of Mayors, Benjamin Moore Paints, and the Paint and Decorating Contractors of America – was to paint the interior of one homeless shelter in each state. Abby’s House was selected from scores of applications.

Homelessness isn’t just about having no place to sleep, eat, or bathe. As you read in the roof story, the effects of homelessness on women and children are significant and long-lasting. Since the mid-’80s, single mothers and their children have been filling out the ranks of
the homeless in disproportionate numbers
in comparison to any other population.
Non-profit housing and homeless agencies – 
who have also suffered from budget cuts – 
are doing the best they can to meet the

All Grants were received between 10/1/11 - 3/22/12