We all need support to get through the tough times in our lives. At Abby's, having a personal Advocate makes a world of difference to the women we serve. 

At Abby's House, each woman is assigned her own Advocate, who helps her identify realistic goals and provides her with the tools she needs to achieve them. Our Advocates empower the women we serve to access the resources they need to succeed in regaining their independence.
The women who come to Abby's House have all had a tough time and feel very alone. For many of them, their Advocate is the first person in their lives who has been truly invested in their well-being. Our Advocates work side-by-side with each woman to help her outline and achieve her goals and develop a sense of pride and self-worth. At Abby's House, you're never alone.
"When I came to Abby's, I had just left my abusive boyfriend and wasn't sure what to do. Katrina helped me figure out how to get back my stuff and stay safe. Now I'm living at Abby's House, have a job, going to counseling and slowly getting my life back together. The staff here has been really great. If it weren't for them, I would have probably gone back to that crazy situation, because I didn't have anywhere else to go." -- Abby's House resident 
The staff at Abby’s House also provide Advocacy services to hundreds of women in person and over the phone each year.