New Partnership with WHA Expands Abby's House Services

New Partnership with WHA Expands Abby's House Services.

Curran Terrace - Worcester Housing AuthorityAbby’s House meets the needs of women, with or without children, who seek to overcome homelessness, domestic violence and poverty. Unfortunately, the need for housing exceeds the nine shelter beds and 78 units of affordable housing provided by Abby’s House. A new partnership with the Worcester Housing Authority (WHA) expands the ability of Abby’s House to meet this need, by providing up to six women with congregate housing at Curran Terrace in Worcester.

“We make sure to refer women who are appropriate for this type of housing,” says Shelter Advocate Parlee Jones, noting that each woman has her own bedroom and shares a very large, beautiful kitchen and spacious living area with other women in the apartment.

WHA manages and maintains the apartment while the women continue to receive services and support from Abby’s House. After one year of residency in the congregate apartment, women may become eligible for a one-bedroom WHA apartment.

According to WHA Executive Director Ray Mariano, the Worcester Housing Authority is committed to helping women in transition find permanent housing and a better life.

“Our partnership with Abby's House is an important part of our work,” Mariano said, “We look forward to expanding that partnership as we serve this vulnerable population.”

This partnership enables Abby’s House to help more women gain access to affordable housing in a shorter timeframe. More importantly, each of the women has her own personal advocate at Abby’s House, who works with her on attaining individual goals and improving her life, reducing the risk of future homelessness.