The Cost of Someplace

by Sarah Lange

The women and children who arrive on our doorstep have no place to go. They have exhausted all of their resources, having stayed with family, friends, and/or in their car. Our job is to provide them with someplace: someplace to sleep, to eat, to bathe; someplace in which to feel safe; someplace where they can regroup and rebuild; someplace to regain their footing on the path to independence.
Providing someplace costs $35 per bed each
night. That doesn’t sound like a lot of money – 
and it’s not, when you consider that we utilize more than $400,000 worth of volunteer labor each year and leverage a plethora of donations so that we are able to direct 88 cents of every dollar to service. But when you start to multiply it by 94 beds and 365 nights, it adds up quickly. In fact, it adds up to $1,200,850!
Like all nonprofits, Abby’s House has to work hard to raise funds to meet its budget each year. With the economy the way it is, making ends meet for the past two years has been a struggle. In order to ensure that we are able to continue providing women and children with someplace, we will be unveiling a new way to raise funds.
In January, 2013, we will be launching the
Buy-A-Bed Campaign, a grassroots fundraising
effort designed to engage businesses, colleges,
individuals and community groups in collecting at least $35 a piece in special Buy-A-Bed containers
we will be distributing. Our goal is to raise at least $35,000 between January - December, 2013.
If your business or group would like to participate, please contact Sarah Lange: 508.756.5486 x18
or fill out the form on our website!
For more information, please visit: