Food Services

Abby’s House prepares more than 10,000 nutritious meals each year. Our Kitchen Manager is assisted by a large corps of volunteers, who donate more than 2,230 hours of their time to prepare and serve meals to the women and children. If we had to pay for staff instead of being able to rely on volunteers, it would add another $39,694 to the budget!
In addition to stretching our food dollars through the use of volunteers, we also receive a significant amount of in-kind donations, including:

  • 1,248 gallons of milk from Rachel’s Table  
  • 1,440 meals prepared off site and delivered by volunteer groups
  • Approximately 1,000 supermarket gift cards, ranging from $25-$100/each
  • Miscellaneous food donations throughout the year (for example, dozens of frozen turkeys during the holiday season

However, we still need to purchase fresh vegetables, fruit and meat, which is why supermarket gift cards make a great donation. Contributions that are not used at 52 High Street and/or the shelter are distributed to the families living in our apartments. We also pass along donations to the food pantry run by a local church.

The Connection Between Food and Well-being
Our guests and residents have usually experienced a period of significant disruption in their lives prior to arriving at Abby’s House. During this period, they may have not been able to feed themselves adequately or nutritiously. Given the significant connection between an individual's nutrition and her health status and outcomes, providing regular, nutritious meals to our guests and residents is an important step in helping them get back on their feet.
By gathering for meals in community, the women and children we serve also benefit from camaraderie, support, friendship and laughter, which is a vital part of the healing process. By providing hospitality, it is our goal that our guests and residents leave the table with a full belly and a warm heart.