Building Our Future

Rewiring Project Preserves Safe Shelter

Electrician David Carpenter, Jr replaces wiring at ShelterWith over $32,000 in funding from the Stoddard Charitable Trust, the Wyman-Gordon Foundation, and the George A. Ramlose Foundation, Abby’s House has undertaken a large-scale project to fully replace all the electrical wiring of 21-23 Crown Street, which provided safe shelter for 69 women and children during 2015. The electricians of David Carpenter Electric, including David Carpenter himself and his son, David Carpenter, Jr. (pictured, at right) have been working diligently on this electrical system upgrade in the century-old house and expect to finish by the end of this month.

Shelter Knob and Tube WiringThis project involved running all new wires to each room, installing new outlets and switches, moving and replacing circuit breaker boxes and meters, and removing the old knob and tube wiring (pictured at left) that was still in use. By rewiring to current safety codes, this upgrade will significantly decrease the risk of fire associated with too much load on old wiring and eliminate the need for frequent maintenance response to tripped breakers. Most importantly, these electrical upgrades will preserve the availability of safe overnight shelter for homeless women and their children for many years to come.