We Raised the Roof!


As many of you know, the 8,500 square foot roof at 52 High Street was in dire need of replacement. The estimated cost of replacement was $300,000.

We are delighted to report that the roof has been replaced and the necessary repairs to the drains and underlying structure made. Of equal importance, in just 14 short months, we were able to raise enough money to pay off the credit line that funded the project. We couldn't have done it without the $103,454 donated by individuals and grants from the following foundations:

  • Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund - $35,000
  • Fletcher Foundation - $28,000
  • George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation - $25,000
  • Hermann Foundation - $25,000
  • Stoddard Charitable Trust - $25,000
  • Alfred J. Gifford Charitable Trust - $10,000
  • Grainger Company Foundation - $10,000
  • Saint Gobain - $10,000
  • Wyman Gordon Foundation - $10,000
  • Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation -$5,000
  • Agnes M. Lindsay Trust -$2,500

Installing the new roof at 52 High Street has already resulted in significant savings on our energy bills, which will allow us to direct additional funds to service. More importantly, replacing the roof preserved 55 units of safe, decent, affordable housing for low-income women. Thank you for making this project a reality!

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