The Business of Success

Sometimes it is hard to imagine why people become homeless. Could it be a direct effect of what life has unexpectedly placed in their path? For Anne, it was receiving the news that her husband wanted a divorce.

Starting Over
Anne decided to use the money she received to start her own business, a pottery studio. However, without the funds to hire a marketing team or a staff, the business failed. What followed was a period of uncertainty; she moved 12 times in 5 years. Anne was staying with family members. She first moved in with her father, who was sexually abusive towards her and she cut ties with him. She moved in with other friends and family, including the house where her mother and brother lived, who are both drug and alcohol abusers. Hearing Anne discuss her experience living with her mother and brother was heartbreaking; she shared a room with her brother and the atmosphere was controlling and detrimental to her progress.
Where Could She Go For Help?
She could not work a day job because her brother did not go to sleep at night, and she could not work nights because the house was too chaotic during the day. She would be too tired and stressed out to focus. As she stated “You need to be in a decent mental frame of mind” when you go to work, and in the atmosphere she was in, that was not an option. “Women need their own space,” Anne stated. She decided sleeping in her car would be a better alternative. Anne continued her search for jobs and housing, but imagine how difficult it would be without somewhere to shower, wash your clothes, or perform everyday tasks. Anne was wearing emotionally; frustrated and desperate, she reached her breaking point. Finally, she received an application to Abby's House. On her own, Anne was making steps to improve her situation; including receiving her real estate and a cab driving licenses, but the key factor that she was missing was support.
That's Where Abby's House Came In
Anne has been at Abby's now for about six months. She now has the encouragement and peace of mind to begin a new phase of her life. Not only does she have more emotional and physical security, Anne also received start up money from the Annette Rafferty Survive to Thrive Fund for her business, Twisted Balloons and More. In the words of Abby Kelley Foster, Anne is now “wearing smooth the path” not only for herself but for the other courageous women at Abby's House.

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