Volunteer involvement has been at the heart of Abby’s House ability to serve over 11,500 women and children for more than 36 years. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, volunteer on their own or as part of a group, and for different reasons. Their length of stay varies, as well. Some volunteer for one day, others work on a regular basis, and some stay with us for years – our longest-standing volunteer just celebrated her 34th year with us!

We operate with the help of:

  • 200+ volunteers
  • 50 area college students
  • 3-6 student interns
  • 19 members of the Board of Directors
  • 62 Corporators

Our volunteers vary in age (18-90+!), as well. Some are retirees, others are in the workforce, while others are in college. Individual volunteers serve as receptionists, work in the Thrift Shop, provide overnight coverage at the Shelter, and help prepare and serve meals. Corporate and community groups come to Abby’s House to prepare and serve meals and help with larger projects.

The economic impact of the volunteers at Abby’s House cannot be overlooked. At our Emergency Shelter, volunteers provide overnight coverage 300 nights/year, contributing nearly 4,000 volunteer hours. If Abby’s had to hire staff to provide this coverage, it would cost us an additional $70,000! If we had to hire kitchen staff, it would cost an additional $40,000.

Thrift Shop volunteers provide another $139,000 worth of services, while our receptionists save the organization nearly $29,000. In addition to the invaluable work they do, our volunteers save the organization more than $275,000 in total each year!

There are also volunteers working outside the organization to support Abby's. Some groups prepare and deliver meals, or hold special fundraising events and donate all or a portion of the proceeds to Abby’s House.

Youth can also make a difference for the women and children at Abby's House. Here is a list of ideas of how young people can help:

  • Learn about Homelessness and Domestic Violence, then help educate everyone you know about how it affects women and children
  • Visit Abby's House and meet the women and children that live here
  • Cook a meal with your family or group and bring it to Abby's House
  • Organize a food, clothing or gift card drive
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect

If you are at least 18 years of age and would like to volunteer, please click here to fill out the Volunteer Application Form AFTER JANUARY 1, 2016. All volunteer positions have been filled at this time.

For more information about organizing a fundraising event, click here.

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